Mail-order abortion pill a concern; New biography or Elisabeth Elliot released

Women in states that have outlawed abortion are ordering abortion pills through the mail from out-of-state doctors and oftentimes foreign countries. The death toll from the major Sept. 8 earthquake in Morocco has climbed beyond 3,000. The view from the audience is not always accurate and certainly never complete. And the same can be said of viewing the life of Elisabeth Elliot.

Army outreach sees 150 saved, Morocco earthquake update, digital outreach

Chaplain (CPT) Logan Lair recently baptized more than 150 U.S. Army soldiers as a part of summer chapel services during basic training in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Moroccan officials say more than 2,900 people have been killed due to the devastating quake. Church leader Chuck Lawless has great concerns about how the use of digital media and communication will affect the next generation and that includes leaders inside the church.

VA Restrictions on Abortion, a Bike Accident, & Disciple Making

An alliance of 15 attorneys general have warned Secretary Denis McDonough they will “act decisively” if the Department of Veterans Affairs uses a new rule to violate their states’ restrictions on abortion. Tan Flippin is grateful for a serious bike accident that may have saved his life. Disciples make disciples (who in turn make disciples who make disciples).

Grieving During the Holidays & Short-Term Missions in Portugal

John McCallum knows the pain of struggling with grief and loss during the holiday season. But rather than sinking in sorrow, he’s using it to serve others. Europe is considered the least reached continent in the world with less than 1% evangelical Christians. Together, a praying church back in Fort Worth, their short-term missions team, IMB missionaries and local believers addressed a very real problem in Portugal — lostness.

Thanksgiving Outreach & New Churches in Zambia

Churches invest significant time in services and outreach during Christmas and Easter—for good reason. Southern Baptists, through their prayers and faithful giving, helped the Windhams plant 12 churches in and around Lusaka, Zambia. Thanksgiving Day gives an opportunity to spend time reflecting on the good things and blessings of life.

Consider California, Cuba Church, & Trusting God

The California Southern Baptist Convention (CSBC) is asking fellow Southern Baptists to join them in Anaheim and consider taking the next step. A May 6 gas explosion devastated the historic Saratoga Hotel in Old Havana, Cuba, and also rained destruction on nearby Calvary Baptist Church. Remember the words of Isaiah 55:9: God’s ways and thoughts are higher than ours.

Ultrasound Placements, Billingsley Album, & Revelation

The SBTC presented a gift of $228,000 to the ERLC for the placement of six ultrasound machines at pregnancy resource centers in Texas. Charles Billingsley has released a brand-new album: “The Shadow of Your Smile,” Jesus wanted the churches to not just hear the words but take them to heart.

Sex Abuse Report, Compassion, & Sports Missions

Members of the Southern Baptist Convention are processing through the details of a 288-page report on the alleged mishandling of sexual abuse claims released publicly Sunday. Crediting God’s tenderness and compassion, Leanne Jamieson says pregnant women in crisis often stick to her very soul, causing her to take their concerns to God’s altar. Betty Wiseman considers her path to be orchestrated by God.

Church Security, Puerto Rico, & Migrant Poverty

Churches are taking another look at their security plans after nearly a dozen people were killed in a pair of recent shootings. Students at Universidad de Puerto Rico (UPR) have not only a space to study, but also a safe place to ask spiritual questions, thanks to a Send Network church plant. Though each migrant’s journey to the U.S. looks different, many face some of the same tragedies and hardships on their journey.

Ukrainian Children, Public Baptisms, Seminary Graduations

Mothers and their youngsters who fled Ukraine for safety to Prague are “broken-hearted, desperate, searching for hope.” A public baptism including more than 130 changed lives is significant on its own. Jamie Dew, NOBTS president, urged the schools’ graduates to consider the question that would impact their lives and ministries.

Foster Care, Ukraine Aid, & Deception

May is National Foster Care Month, and Send Relief has been raising awareness for how churches can become involved. Since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, Moldova has received an estimated one refugee for every 25 Moldovans. A Bible Study from Lifeway Christian Resources calls on Christians to be on the lookout for deception.

CSB Turns 5, Ukraine Relief, & Reaching Your Neighbors

The award-winning Christian Standard Bible translation reached its fifth anniversary in March. University Baptist Church in Houston commissioned one of their own to go out to the furthest mission field—space. And Ben Mandrell, president of Lifeway, encourages Christians to consider that they can learn from their neighbors who are not religious.

Immigrant Protection, Ukraine Relief, & Annie Armstrong

The Southern Baptist Convention’s ethics entity is exhorting Congress to act quickly to guard undocumented immigrants brought into the United States as children from deportation. Andrew Moroz is communicating with his loved ones in Ukraine every day as well as assisting his church with Ukraine-related relief efforts. And Annie Armstrong organized an effort to send relief through frontier boxes and helped to build chapels on the frontier.

Graffiti Evangelism, Disciple-Making, & Sin

Ramon Velez used his God-given artistic ability over the years to creatively share the gospel while simultaneously painting with graffiti. Disciple-making is the primary call of every pastor, and most recognize this as a skill they should continue to develop as church leaders. And a recent Bible study from Lifeway asks Christians important questions concerning their view of sin.

Church Revitalization, Hyde Amendment, & Ukraine Relief

Last year Cleveland Road Baptized 12 people, and 11 are signed up for this year. Seven of those have walked forward over the last three weeks. President Biden’s $5.8 trillion proposed budget for the next fiscal year contains elements of “deep concern.” And gifts given to Ukraine refugee ministries through Send Relief and the IMB now stand at more than $5.5 million.

Anti-lynching Act, Top Worship Songs, & Diverse Leadership

President Biden signed the Emmett Till Anti-lynching Act, which classifies lynching as a federal hate crime. “Build My Life,” Pat Barrett’s passionate proclamation of holiness and righteousness, was the top worship song of 2021. And Willie McLaurin is the first African American to lead an entity of the SBC.

Pastors’ Needs & Gambling

Churchgoers may think their church leaders have it all together spiritually, but pastors admit they have room to grow. Why do so many people gamble their money away? Barrett Duke offers a few answers.

FBI Church Planter, Rooftop Pastor, & Women Sharing the Gospel

In 2019, FBI agent Vic Carpenter was sent out to start Redeemer Bible Church. A Chicago area pastor is on a roof and continuing the quest to bring opportunities and resources to children and families in great need in Chicago. And Jen Oshman says the church has what women really need and sees today’s culture willing to listen.