Episode 064

FBI Church Planter, Rooftop Pastor, & Women Sharing the Gospel

Mar 31, 2022

In 2019, FBI agent Vic Carpenter was sent out to start Redeemer Bible Church. A Chicago area pastor is on a roof and continuing the quest to bring opportunities and resources to children and families in great need in Chicago. And Jen Oshman says the church has what women really need and sees today’s culture willing to listen.


A few years back, Vic Carpenter from Fredericksburg, Virginia, began to work for the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), an elite group of specialized, skilled operators.

The HRT is the agency’s only full-time counterterrorism unit – dealing with the most severe situations.

When Carpenter began working for the HRT, a significant number of his 12-man new operator class were Christians.

He and his fellow agents had an opportunity to influence and share their faith among what is – by necessity – a close-knit, private community.

As the weeks and months passed, other men began being saved. And they took the Gospel home, and their families began to trust Jesus as well.

In 2019, they felt led to start a church and later that year they were sent out by Spotswood Baptist Church to start Redeemer Bible Church.

They’ve seen ups and downs during the last few years, but today the church is strong. They partner together to grow in their faith and serve together as they continue to reach their community for Christ.

A Chicago area pastor is continuing the quest to bring opportunities and resources to children and families in great need in Chicago. Corey Brooks, pastor of Southern Baptist New Beginnings Church in Chicago, set out to spend 100 nights on the property he hopes to convert into a leadership and economic opportunity center in the Woodlawn community back on November 20. He had a goal of raising $35 million for the project.

The 100 days passed on February 28 and Brooks had raised $10 million. While it’s a little less than one-third of what he hoped to raise, Brooks says he’s determined to raise the rest … and he’s still up on that roof.

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Jen Oshman says women may seek exercise classes, book clubs, therapy, girls’ nights out, an afternoon at the spa,  and many other activities they believe will bring them the peace and satisfaction they desire.

But Oshman says the church has what women really need and sees today’s culture willing to listen.

In a First-Person piece on Baptist Press she says women need God’s Word, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the people of God led by the Spirit of God.

Read the full piece from Jen Oshman at Baptist Press.

Find more stories at BaptistPress.com.

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