Doe v. Catholic Relief Services, Doors Opening for David Pollack & ‘The Blind’ Movie

The Maryland Supreme Court has ruled 4-3 that a Catholic employer was lawful in denying health benefits to the spouse of a gay married employee because such unions violate church doctrine. This college football season is unlike any other in David Pollack’s life. For as long as he can remember, the sport dominated his Saturdays in ways most people haven’t experienced. And, from 2012-2017, the reality TV series “Duck Dynasty” told many stories of the Robertson family and their duck-call and decoy business. “The Blind,” coming to theaters Sept. 28, tells the story of Phil Robertson’s life before he became a Christian.

Going Through a Valley, Kidney Day & How to Spend More Time in Prayer

Hard times often are described as “going through a valley.” But Bruce Watson, pastor of First Baptist Jeanerette, La., describes life’s valleys as the place where the soil is the richest. Rudy Kebreau and Randal Lyle are bound by far more than their mutual faith and pastoral calling these days. And, maybe your church has a prayer list. But have you ever considered have a personal prayer list? In a piece in the Baptist Press Toolbox, Kie Bowman says it may help you remain faithful in prayer.

Serve Tour Athens Volunteers Elevate, U.S. Struggles to Receive Refugees & How to Spend More Time in Prayer

Ever-rising numbers of refugees and migrants, a smaller than 1 percent evangelical population and recent fires and floodings make Athens, Greece, a city ripe for Gospel outreach through compassion ministry. World Relief and Open Doors U.S. report that 1 in 7 Christians worldwide suffer persecution or discrimination. And, In a piece on prayer in the Baptist Press Toolbox, Kie Bowman writes, ‘According to the Harvard Business Review, your routines and habits account for about half of your actions each day.

ERLC Urges Congress to Uphold Beliefs, Churches Paying for the Use of X & Baptisms Are the Best

Life, religious liberty, conscience protections and opposition to gender transition are among top priorities the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission advocated to Congress approaching the 2024 funding cycle. When it comes to X (formerly Twitter), church leaders may soon get the opportunity to truly take it or leave it. And, Jeff Iorg, president of Gateway Seminary in California, says baptisms are just the best.

Caring Well Sunday, Ministering to Mothers Who Have Miscarried & Potential Idols in My Life

Caring Well Sunday, Sept. 24, is on the SBC Calendar this year for the first time, giving churches an opportunity to acknowledge the emotional toll of sexual abuse and commit to ensuring congregations are safe places. A Mobile, Alabama woman knows the heartbreak of miscarriage. Madison Gardner and her husband lost twins on Christmas Eve back in 2020. And, in a piece in the Baptist Press Toolbox, church leader Chuck Lawless says he wants to be regularly searching his heart for idols.

ERLC Urges Congress to Prevent Deportation, Court Ruled in Favor for FCA & How to Lead When People Are Upset

The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission is again urging Congress to prevent the deportation of more than a half million undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of a  local chapter of a Christian club that meets on public high school campuses nationwide. An, a piece in the Baptist Press Toolbox shares some tips on how pastors can work with people who may be upset with them.

Mail-order abortion pill a concern; New biography or Elisabeth Elliot released

Women in states that have outlawed abortion are ordering abortion pills through the mail from out-of-state doctors and oftentimes foreign countries. The death toll from the major Sept. 8 earthquake in Morocco has climbed beyond 3,000. The view from the audience is not always accurate and certainly never complete. And the same can be said of viewing the life of Elisabeth Elliot.

Army outreach sees 150 saved, Morocco earthquake update, digital outreach

Chaplain (CPT) Logan Lair recently baptized more than 150 U.S. Army soldiers as a part of summer chapel services during basic training in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Moroccan officials say more than 2,900 people have been killed due to the devastating quake. Church leader Chuck Lawless has great concerns about how the use of digital media and communication will affect the next generation and that includes leaders inside the church.

SBC Pres. Shares Optimism for Future, Toddlers to Learn Biblical Worldview & Fears for an Internet Generation

Southern Baptist Convention President Bart Barber shared his optimistic outlook for the future as he visited the offices of the North American Mission Board (NAMB) Wednesday (Sept. 6). Children begin developing a worldview as early as 15 months old, and parents are doing a poor job of discipling children during formative years, researcher George Barna said in his latest findings. And, veteran church leader Chuck Lawless has some concerns about a generation of church leaders raised in the Internet age.

Pastor and Assistant Chief Serve in Maui Fire, Sharing Christ with Haitians & Trends in the Local Church

Henry Lindo, serves as both pastor of Kaunakakai Baptist Church and assistant chief of operations for the Maui County Fire Department. Bethel Evangelical Baptist Church in Delray, Florida is trying to serve Haitians and share the hope of Christ with the island nation. And, Lifeway Research says there are encouraging trends in the local church. Aaron Earls writes that local church are seeing attendance to continue to rebound.

Hmong Youth Bridge Generation Gaps, Finding and Keeping Volunteers & Workaholism Not Acceptable

Language is a distinct bond among Hmong people, who have no official homeland today, but generally trace their ancestry to China 4,000 years ago. Every church needs volunteers. Recruiting those volunteers is one of the most difficult tasks in the church’s ministry. And, do you find yourself digging for time off for rest and reset? In the Baptist Press Toolbox, Todd Gray offers suggestions on you avoid working too much and find time for rest.

A Church’s Faith Amidst Hurricane Destruction, Senior Adult Church Holds VBS for Kids & Boring Sermons

Hurricane Idalia’s strong winds may have toppled the steeple on Lakeside Baptist Church in Perry, but the storm did nothing to topple the faith of Lakeside members. Green Valley Baptist Church, located in a senior adult community 30 minutes south of Tucson, Arizone and next door to Sahuarita, a newer community filled with young families, VBS is the event of the summer. And, every pastor preaches a boring sermon from time to time. What do you do if that’s your pastor?

Celebrating Labor Day & The Legacy of Pearl Goode

Observed the first Monday in September, Labor Day is an annual celebration of the social and economic achievements of American workers. And, Pearl Goode was a recent widow and retired nurse in her 60s from nearby Pasadena when she joined hundreds of intercessors in the prayer tent at the Los Angeles Billy Graham Crusade in 1949.

Send Relief Responding to Hurricane Idalia, ARITF Begins Vetting Process & Praying Through Grief

Now that Hurricane Idalia has moved off into the Atlantic, Disaster Relief workers are assessing how they can help. Names and background information for potential inclusion at are currently being processed, according to the group assigned to created a database for Southern Baptist churches. And, Kie Bowman says grief can be a way God does significant work in the human heart.

Churches Help UNC Students Process After Shooting, DR Assessing Idalia Response & IMB Asking For Prayer

Following a shooting inside a lab building at the University of North Carolina on Monday that left a faculty member dead, local churches have covered the campus in prayer while providing places for students to process the tragic events. With the arrival of Hurricane Idalia in Florida’s Big Bend area, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) teams began assessing the damage in preparation for a response. And, gospel workers are focusing on the Bhojki of India, with a population of approximately 2,900, are a community of priests at Devi Hindu temples.