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58 baptisms at TN jail by neighboring churches’ MedAdvance in 2023; More lives to be changed. 10 reasons for disaster relief training.

When more than 50 people were baptized at the Sumner County, Tennessee Jail in early May, it was the culmination of many years of ministry from two neighboring churches; For those with a passion for healthcare and a calling to missions, the International Mission Board has avenues of service ready to fill; Unfortunately, natural disasters are inevitable in this world. Coy Webb of Send Relief encourages believers to get trained in responding to disaster relief

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90,000 U.S. testimonies of answered prayer sought for England monument; 6 Ways Pastors Become Men of Prayer

Everyone finds great joy when God answers their prayer. Richard Gamble’s is working hard to build what he calls the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer, an interactive, 160-foot monument of 1 million white bricks built into an infinity loop on a plot of high-profile land in Birmingham, England; In a piece in the Baptist Press Toolbox, Kie Bowman encourages believers to pray and offers some tips to pastors and believers on how to create culture of prayer in the local church.

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Texas pastor urges focus on local church commitment; Viral valedictorian speech preaches Gospel; 3 reasons to study the Bible.

One of the most challenging obstacles pastors face in congregations large and small is getting people to prioritize local church commitment over the activities constantly competing to fill up their weekly schedules; Before Friday, May 26 the largest group Campbell Lino had spoken to about Jesus was the 75 or so at her church during a prayer meeting; In a piece in the Baptist Press Toolbox, William and Howard Hendricks share three benefits from regularly studying God’s Word.

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Almost ready to launch: Sexual abuse ministry website. ARITF emphasizes small groups, evangelism, and assimilation for long-term church growth ministry.

The task force leading efforts to address sexual abuse in Southern Baptist churches say they are preparing to launch a ministry database website in June; Lifeway Research recently released a study on church health revealing four factors that predict church growth; How can pastors prepare for ministry over the long haul? Jonathan Jarboe share four tips in the Baptist Press Toolbox

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Evangelist Michael Gott’s Ukraine tour amid war; SBC chaplain supports grieving families at Dover AFB on Memorial Day 2023; ERLC aiding churches: a personal insight.

One morning after air raid sirens alerted Kyiv of imminent attack, hundreds attended Central Baptist Church for Sunday worship. Southern Baptist evangelist Michael Gott was preaching; Some days as an Air Force chaplain stand out among all others. For Matthew Knight, one of those days was August 29, 2021; In a First Person on Baptist Press, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission President Brent Leatherwood says they want to help churches think biblically about the cultural issues of our time by providing resources that are rooted in the Gospel.

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How the ERLC helps churches; AI demands Christians have ‘robust understanding’ of humanity, ethicist says

The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) welcomed introduction Tuesday (May 23) of the Dignity Act a bill first offered last year, gained reintroduction by Rep. Maria Salazar, R-Fla., with co-sponsorship this time from Rep. Veronica Escobar, D-Texas, and other Democrats as well as Republicans; As society continues to wrestle with the complicated issues surrounding artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT, Christians should be ready to engage as the ones holding the ultimate answers, one ethicist told Baptist Press.

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OK pastor supports death row convict; AL church doubles LMCO; 4 Words Transform Leadership

Oklahoma Southern Baptist pastor John-Mark Hart is part of a multifaith coalition advocating for the life of death row inmate Richard Glossip on grounds of biblical mercy and the pursuit of impartial criminal justice; Why would an Alabama church more than double Christmas missions offering? Because the senior pastor went on a short-term mission trip, serving with IMB personnel in South Asia, and the whole church caught a vision for the work of International Mission Board missionaries; In a piece on Baptist Press, Michael Kelley reminds believers of four words they should always remember.

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Religious broadcasters oppose California law limiting speech; Churchgoers’ desire to serve not fully realized; SBTS course on spiritual distinctives.

The National Religious Broadcasters, an association of Christian media outlets, has joined a lawsuit seeking to block a California law that requires social media companies to publish their policies on removing hate speech from their platforms; Although most churchgoers want to serve in their communities for Gospel impact, there is a noticeable gap when it comes to the number who are already volunteering for a charity; When a student chapel service extended into days and weeks this past winter at Asbury University in Wilmore, Ky., observers far and wide questioned whether the stage was set for the next Great Awakening?

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