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Rosalynn Carter’s Funeral, Giving Tuesday & Lead With Integrity

The funeral of First Lady Rosalynn Carter is scheduled for Wednesday in her home church in Plains, Georgia. #GivingTuesday is a refreshing change of pace at the start of the Christmas shopping season, which is often filled with buying gifts, and typically kicks off the year-end giving season. And, Indiana pastor Stephen Viars offers four tips on how to lead with integrity.

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Shopping Around Thanksgiving, TSA Reminder & Join in Praying

According to Forbes, Americans spent around $35.3 billion dollars in 2022 during the Thanksgiving weekend…of course, that includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The TSA is reminding air passengers that some Thanksgiving goodies aren’t allowed through airport security. And, as the conflict in the Middle East continues, don’t lose sight of the power of prayer.

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Terrorists Aren’t Freedom Fighters, Thanksgiving Traffic & Overcoming Fear

Nearly 40 years ago, terrorism expert Brian Michael Jenkins made this claim, “The difficulty of defining terrorism has led to the cliché that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, implying that there can be no objective definition of terrorism, no universal standards of conduct in peace. That is not true.” AAA projects 55.4 million travelers will head 50 miles or more from home over the Thanksgiving holiday travel period*. An article in the Baptist Press Toolbox offers help to overcome fear.

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Rosalynn Carter Dies at 96, RFRA Turns 30 & Praying in an Anxious Society

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter passed away Sunday afternoon (Nov. 19) at the family’s home in Plains, Ga., the Carter Center announced Sunday. She was 96. “Rosalynn was my equal partner in everything I ever accomplished,” President Jimmy Carter said. Thirty years after a landmark piece of religious freedom legislation was enacted, it’s more needed than ever. And, we know thanksgiving in prayer is an antidote for an anxious life.

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Price of Thanksgiving, Charitable Gifts & Reasons to Evangelize

While many prices are noticeably higher at the grocery store this Thanksgiving season, one product – in fact the featured item on many Thanksgiving tables – is experiencing a decrease in price. Thanksgiving turkey prices are down nearly five percent, according to industry magazine Feed and Grain. Churches, ministries and other houses of worship were the top recipients of charitable gifts for the year, with religion one of the few sectors realizing an increase in receipts, ABS said. And, Jesus calls His disciples to share their faith. As we gather with friends and family over the holiday season, there may be opportunities to share your faith. In addition to Jesus’ commission, why should you speak of the gospel?

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Send Relief Supplying Aid to Middle East, Women’s Bible Conference in West Africa & Paying It Forward

Send Relief workers are continuing to provide aid in the Middle East. As Christianity in French-speaking West Africa has spread over the past few decades, Baptist women in the region desire theological education and further access to resources for biblical interpretation as they resist the influence of the prosperity gospel. And, have you ever ordered at a drive-through, only to discover when you arrived at the window that the person in the car ahead of you paid your bill?

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New Normal Churches Post-Pandemic, Christians More Generous & Prayer Drenched in Thanksgiving

For two years now, almost every church in America has been holding in-person worship services, but not every pre-pandemic worshiper has returned. Practicing Christians outpaced non-practicing Christians and nonbelievers in giving to charities including churches in 2022, the American Bible Society (ABS) said Nov. 14 in the latest release from its 2023 State of the Bible report. And, as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, Kie Bowman says we should remember to express thanksgiving in our prayers.

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Church Switchers & Surprising Answers About Unanswered Prayers

International Mission Board President Paul Chitwood believes lostness is the world’s greatest problem. One month after Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel, Israel’s ground invasion into the Gaza Strip has reached a new stage with ground forces deep inside Gaza City, The Associated Press reported Nov. 7. And, if you pray, you’ve been there. You’ve experienced times when God’s obvious answer is no or wait. It may not have been the answer you were seeking, but it was the answer.

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