Episode 543

ERLC’s Brent Leatherwood counters negativity in society; Youth leaders gather for unique training; Prayer that is personal and sacred

Feb 12, 2024

Leatherwood says Christians must push back on negative with love and light; Youth leaders gather in Nashville for Lifeway’s innovative leadership training; Kie Bowman teaches about two rooms for prayer within the believers’ heart


Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission President Brent Leatherwood spoke at Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, Texas last week about the issues of fear and anger in society. His message focused on the role of faith and love in facing these emotions.

Leatherwood stated, “In times of uncertainty, it’s our faith that keeps us grounded. It’s our love for each other that overcomes fear and anger.” He called on Christians to demonstrate their faith through actions.

His message included the importance of spreading positivity to counteract negativity. He encouraged being supportive, extending friendship, and offering comfort.

Leatherwood urged individuals to initiate positive change, where faith addresses fear and acts of love counteract anger.

The address was a call to unity and compassion, emphasizing the need to share hope and love, one day at a time, to tackle the challenges posed by fear and anger.

Lifeway Christian Resources’ Experience Conference in Nashville, gathered youth ministry leaders for training in an innovative way.

 The event took advantage of unique venues, including a virtual reality lab, a comedy club, and the Nashville Predators’ NHL locker room, to offer immersive learning experiences.

Lifeway leaders say the approach aimed to enhance the participants’ preaching and teaching skills, particularly in communicating with teenagers.

 The setting in Nashville provided a memorable backdrop for hands-on activities and personalized feedback, underscoring the impact of creative environments in leadership training.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people die without the hope of Jesus. Your faithful prayers will make a difference. That’s why the IMB created a free 18-month calendar, called “Impacting Lostness Through Prayer”. It provides guidance, reminders and encouragement as you pray for individuals and communities who have yet to hear the gospel. Learn more about this free resource at IMB.org/prayercalendar.

In our fast-paced world, finding a quiet moment for prayer can seem like a challenge. Yet, Kie Bowman offers a compelling solution in his innovative “Two-Room Strategy for Prayer.”

This approach invites us to envision our prayer life as if it were divided into two distinct rooms, each serving a unique purpose in fostering our relationship with the Divine.

The first room is where we bear our souls to God, sharing our deepest worries, joys, and desires.

It’s a sacred space of vulnerability and trust, where we can communicate openly with our Creator without reservations.

Bowman’s strategy underscores the importance of personal, intimate dialogue with God, reminding us that at the heart of prayer is the relationship we build with Him.

 By dedicating this first room to heartfelt expression, we are encouraged to deepen our faith and reliance on God’s unwavering presence in our lives. We’ll share about the second room later this week.

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