Episode 328

Maundy Thursday; Baptism Sunday set to make a splash in churches

Apr 6, 2023

Maundy Thursday is the day in holy week that we remember the events of the Upper Room. The Sunday after Easter, April 16, is designated as Baptism Sunday on the SBC Annual Calendar.


Maundy Thursday is the day in holy week that we remember the events of the Upper Room. It was there that Jesus gathered with his disciples to celebrate the Passover. Little did the disciples know that Jesus had plans to shake the foundations of their faith.

As they entered the room he took the basin and the towel and began to wash their feet. Peter objected as the master teacher knelt down to wipe away the dust, dirt and other filth from the street.

Jesus told Peter that unless He cleansed him he would be dirty forever. Peter may not have understood everything Jesus was saying but he understood enough as he asked that Jesus not only wash his feet but his hands as well.

Jesus was showing them that He was about to take away their sin.

As they gathered at the table, He was going to show them how.

They took the bread and the cup that had been used for generations by the Jewish people to remind them of the Passover. Jesus was about to show them how He would deliver from the chains of their sin.

He spoke of His body that was about to be broken as they ate the break.

He spoke of His blood that was going to be shed while they passed the cup.

Judas left the room to put the sinister plan in motion that would lead to Jesus’ arrest, mock trial and execution only a few hours later.

All of this happens in John 13.

Over the next few hours, John 14 and 15 take shape.

In those texts Jesus teaches about how He is preparing an eternal home for His disciples and He promises to return for them.

He promises the Holy Spirit will come so that believers may have fellowship with Him and grow in their knowledge and obedience to His teachings.

On Thursday night Jesus prays for the unity of His people and that the Father would grant them courage and strength as they face the challenges of the world.

All of this happening while Jesus knows how Friday will go. It is a day to give thanks and be reminded of the humility of our suffering Savior.


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Todd Unzicker admits that having a baptism Sunday might be a bit gimmicky. But Baptists emphasizing baptism should be a slam dunk, right?

The Sunday after Easter, April 16, is designated as Baptism Sunday on the SBC Annual Calendar. Unzicker, the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC) executive director-treasurer, says he’s all in when it comes to the Great Commission.

“Anything we can do to spur God’s people is worthy of our time,” Unzicker said in this week’s episode of Baptist Press This Week.

So, far nearly 400 North Carolina churches have committed to participate in Baptism Sunday.

Unzicker understands recognizing the emphasis Sunday doesn’t guarantee a baptism but he believes the special attention is helpful.

Unizicker was a recent guest on our Baptist Press This Week video interview program. You can find the link to the full interview at our Facebook or Instagram page.


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