Episode 043

Praying for Ukraine & Living through Storms

Mar 2, 2022

Churches across the United States are raising their voices and their prayers on behalf of the people of Ukraine. And when life’s storms brew, people respond in various ways.


Christians pray for Ukraine

Churches across the United States are raising their voices and their prayers on behalf of the people of Ukraine.

Just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, at Mercy Hill Chapel worshippers gathered with heavy hearts in the Ukranian service. Pastor Oleh Zhakunets’ message from the book of Matthew wasn’t meant to focus on the situation in Ukraine, but, he admits, there was no way to avoid the parallels.

Zhakunets family moved to the Cleveland area many years ago, but he still has family in Ukraine. Neighborhoods around the church’s location are also filled with families who have ties to the former USSR.

“I would describe it as a ‘heavy’ atmosphere in church right now,” Zhakunets told Baptist Press.

At Forest Hills church near Nashville, worshippers spent time praying those suffering in Ukraine. Andrew Causey led the church in singing a verse of You Are My All in All in Ukrainian.

Meanwhile, on the west coast, Pastor Bogdan Kipko of Forward Church in Irvine, Cali. led his congregation in prayer for strength, courage and perseverance in Ukraine.

Kipko’s family migrated to the United States from the former Soviet Union in the early 90s.

On Sunday he prayed, “We believe that when the nations rage and the people plot in vain, [that] God, we know you are in control, God, we don’t have to fully understand everything, to fully trust you with everything. And so … we bring to you the country of Ukraine in our prayers.”

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Disciples in a storm

When life’s storms brew, people respond in various ways. Some react. Others are paralyzed with fear. Still others think only of self-preservation, even at the cost of people or relationships.

In Matthew 8:23-27, Jesus slept during a storm.

In a Lifeway Bible study called Disciples in a Storm, Pastor Gregg Matte says difference-makers in life know where to turn in a storm – and that is to Jesus.

He says, “Our faith in Jesus is not valid simply in eternity. We can draw on Jesus’ faithfulness today, whatever the nature of the storm around us.”

Will you turn to Jesus during the storm?

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