Episode 004

Bible Reading & Tech Issues to Watch in 2022

Jan 6, 2022

A new study shows nearly a fourth of U.S. adults (24 percent) increased their Bible reading in 2021. Also, we give you four tech-related issues to watch in 2022.



A recent study from the American Bible Society had some encouraging things to say about Christians who read their Bible every day.

According to the study, nearly a fourth of U.S. adults (24 percent) have increased their Bible reading in 2021 compared to 2020. They say 12 million Americans invested time reading the Bible 2021.

The study also says Americans rooted in Scripture are more apt to volunteer, help strangers, donate money and respect others as one-third of Scripture engaged Americans regularly volunteer in their community, 56 percent give money to charity, and 60 percent help strangers.

The ABS describes Generation Z, ages 15-24, as less Scripture engaged than all other age groups, more undecided about the Bible’s impact and importance, but highly curious about the Bible.

However, 81 percent of those in Gen Z interviewed say they are curious about Scripture, and nearly two thirds report a desire to read Scripture more.

Tony Evans recently wrote about Bible intake, “If we want to understand who God is, what His purposes are, and how he has made Himself known to the human race, we cannot afford to ignore the Bible.”

Most of us are connected to some sort of electronic device and social media platform. When we come back, we’ll hear some things we should keep an eye on in 2022. Stay with us.

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As we move into a new year, Jason Thacker of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission is offering four tech-related issues people should watch.

The first is content moderation and free speech. The balance between social media controlling what people post and a user’s ability to post freely.

The second is misinformation and fake news. Being able to discern between what is true and false on social media and the web.

The third is digital surveillance and data privacy.

And, fourth, is digital authoritarianism. A government’s ability to use technology to track citizens.

You can read more of Thacker’s article and other stories at BaptistPress.com.

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