Episode 001

LMCO Update, Send Relief, & American Underdog

Jan 3, 2022

Welcome to Good News for Today. In our first episode, we discuss the 2021-22 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for World Missions, the impact of Send Relief, and how American Underdog performed at the box office.


With Good News for Today from Baptist Press, I’m Brandon Porter. Welcome to our first episode.

We start with a focus on missions…

Many churches across the globe wrap up 2021 with generous giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. The offering goes directly to meet the needs of the more than 36-hundred Southern Baptist missionaries serving through the Southern Baptist Convention International Mission Board. Giving to the special offering covers around 60-percent of the budget of the IMB…the world’s largest missionary sending organization.

Tim Louderback, IMB missionary to Panama, says the offering is vitally important, “The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is very instrumental in allowing us to live and build relationships with nationals allowing us to get involved in their ministries on a daily and weekly basis. That way when mission teams come, everything is strategic.”

The annual Christmas offering allows churches like Green Acres Baptist in Tyler, Texas…Maranatha Baptist in Topeka, Kansas…First Baptist Durham, North Carolina and thousands more to partner together to accomplish this Great Commission.

Speaking of the Great Commission…

Did you know SEND Relief recorded 293-thousand Gospel conversations in 2021. SEND Relief is a collaboration between the North American Mission Board and the International Mission Board that works through compassion ministries to create opportunities for Gospel conversations.

Recently, trained disaster relief workers have been busy helping hundreds with tornado recovery in Kentucky and find ways to serve the almost one-thousand families who lost homes or businesses because of wildfires in northern Colorado.

Stay with us…in just a moment we’ll hear how an underdog story held its own at the box office during the Christmas holiday…

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American Underdog…the story of unlikely NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner…proved to be a hit at the box office during this holiday season. The film by the Erwin Brothers…focusing on Warner’s faith, family and football career… it brought in more than 15-million dollars during the holiday movie season.

Thanks for listening to this first episode of Good News for Today from Baptist Press. You can find more news at Baptist Press.com. Find Good News for Today wherever you listen to podcasts. I’m Brandon Porter.

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