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Welcome to Good News for Today from Baptist Press. We share and spotlight the good God is doing in this world. Through the stories of Baptist Press, we’ll introduce you to Christians and churches who are making an impact for the glory of God.

Evangelicals Views on Immigration Reform, Relationships Drive Support of Urban Churches & You Gotta Have Friends

Evangelicals’ nuanced views on immigration should encourage faith leaders to offer biblical responses to all concerns, key evangelical leaders said Feb. 28 upon the release of a new Lifeway Research study. In an inspiring union between Champion Forest Church in Houston and urban congregations in Detroit, led by the friendship between Senior Pastor Jarrett Stephens and Pastor Torion Bridges of Detroit, a heartwarming initiative unfolds. And, Friendship is perfectly demonstrated in the Trinity by the relationship between God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit, writes Jared Pryer in the Baptist Press Toolbox.

DR Teams Respond to Panhandle Wildfires, Evangelicals Back Immigration Reform & Pastoring Through an Election Year

In the wake of devastating wildfires that sweeping through the Texas Panhandle, Governor Gregg Abbott declared a state of disaster for 60 counties. American evangelicals have complex perspectives on immigration and want a nuanced political response, but most want Congress to act soon. And, in the Baptist Press Toolbox, Rick Harrington, a pastor in Massachusetts offers guidance for believers in an election year.

Royalty Rates Push Religious Webcasters Out of Market, Send Relief Partners Persevere in Ukraine & The Value of Keeping Alert

Noncommercial religious broadcasters are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review copyright royalty fees, alleging they favor secular speech over religious expression. In the midst of Ukraine’s ongoing conflict, which has tragically claimed over 10,000 civilian lives, the story of Luba, a woman whose life was shattered by the bombing of her home in Bakhmut, highlights the profound impact of compassion and faith. And, in the midst of Ukraine’s ongoing conflict, which has tragically claimed over 10,000 civilian lives, the story of Luba, a woman whose life was shattered by the bombing of her home in Bakhmut, highlights the profound impact of compassion and faith.

ERLC Releases Guide For Gender Confusion, An Answer to Prayer by a Mississippi Church & Essential Resources for Sermon Illustrations

While Augusta, Georgia may be known as the home of the PGA Masters tournament…it like most cities…has great needs. An envelope with a suspicious white powder on it found at the Louisiana church membership of U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson revealed no toxicity in field tests, the FBI said Feb. 19. And, Theologian Chuck Lawless is experiencing neuropathy in his feet – that’s a tingling sensation that eventually leads to numbness.

About the Program

You’ll hear stories of how God is using churches like Champion Forest in Houston to reach hundreds with the gospel of Jesus Christ…

How disaster relief workers brought fast and gracious physical and spiritual help to those affected by deadly tornadoes across the south and midwestern portions of the United States…

Even how God used a 37-pound catfish to send missionaries to the ends of the earth.

Those are the stories we’ll tell on Good News for Today.

The new broadcast is hosted by Baptist Press Editor Brandon Porter. Porter was a pastor for more than 20 years and the former editor of Kentucky Today, the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s news outlet.

There he reported on state and national news, religious liberty issues, tragedy and disaster, and published policy pieces and op-eds. Since 2003, Porter has also hosted a weekly 30-minute teaching and talk program on WKCT in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

“The world needs to hear more good news about our awesome God,” Porter said. “The news industry is typically driven by controversy, conflicts and issues, but Baptist Press has the unique opportunity and ability to share good news stories of our good and loving God.”

Brandon Porter

Brandon Porter

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